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No Long Island Supporters Listed In Demos Filing

Chapin Fay, Campaign Manager for Senator Lee M. Zeldin, Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s First Congressional District, released the following statement after George Demos filed his most recent fundraising report without the name of one new donor on Long Island for the entire fundraising quarter.

“This really sums up so much of what is flawed in Demos’ Trojan Horse candidacy. While Senator Zeldin has brought in 854 donations from Long Island supporters, nearly all of George Demos’ funding has come from out of state Democrats with deep ties to House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi. He has suspiciously funneled 2 million dollars from his father-in-law, Angelo Tsakopoulos, a well-known close friend and business partner of Pelosi’s husband, Paul.

For someone who claims to be ‘one of us,’ the lack of Long Island support sends the opposite message.

George Demos has never paid $1 of property taxes here. He hasn’t earned $1 of income from a job anywhere since 2010. He wasn’t educated on Long Island, never owned a home on Long Island, and only this past winter started renting a house in Stony Brook just to run for Congress.

George Demos is not one of us. His fundraising report, filed last night, failed to include the name of even one local supporter—not just in the First Congressional District, but from all of Long Island. Meanwhile, he has spent a million dollars so far on attack ads bankrolled and bundled by his prolific West Coast Democratic father-in-law, which really begs the question…Why are Nancy Pelosi’s California Democratic donors so interested in funding George Demos’ GOP primary campaign against Army Major and Senator Lee Zeldin?”